Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Knitting Pattern! - Bridger Cowl

This cowl is SUPER fast, uses worsted weight or Aran yarn and a U.S. size 10 circular needle. You begin the cowl in the center front and work flat while making the simple repeating lace pattern, then you will join and work in the round. This cowl is warm, squishy and makes a wonderful gift or craft fair item.  Make one (or two!) in a day.
If you want to download/print pattern you can scroll down past the pictures and it is available there too. (English, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese versions).

Tools / Materials:

Worsted or Aran weight yarn, approx. 150 yds.
U.S. size 10 (6mm) circular needle.  (I used a 24" length)


14 sts / 20 rows = 4" in stockinette st.


CO=Cast on
yo=yarn over
PM=place marker
RM=remove marker


Cast on at beginning of the row, otherwise
known as the knitted cast-on.  Tutorial Video here: 


You will start out working flat (back and forth), later at #20, you will join and begin working in the round.

1.  CO 4 sts using long tail cast on. *note you will use the Long-tail cast-on here only, for the rest of the pattern when you cast on at the beg of the row, please do as directed.  Please see reference above for video.
2. Knit
3. CO 4 sts @ beg of row, k4, yo, k2tog, k2.   (8 sts)
4. CO 4 sts @ beg of row, k4,* yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * to end.  (12 sts)
5-14. Rep row 4 until you have 52 sts.
15. CO 4 sts @ beg of row, K4, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * 1x more, PM, k until last 12 sts,*yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * to end.  (56 sts)
16. CO 4 sts @ beg of row, K4, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * 1x more, PM, k until last 12 sts, RM, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * to end.  (60 sts)
17-19. Repeat row 16 until you have 72 sts. 
Place marker and join, you are now working in the round.
20. Purl round. (remove other marker when you come to it.  You will now only need the marker that marks the beginning of your circle).
21.  Knit every row until pc measures 11” (measure from cast on point to needle).
22. Purl round.
23. Knit round.
24. Purl round.
25-26 Rep rows 23 & 24 once more.
27. Bind off knitwise.

* Blue varigated yarn is Jojoland Fantasia.  the green is Berroco Remix. 


To get a printable pattern, click on the link below, then choose your language

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Gale said...

Love this pattern and can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing your design talent!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I just started following your blog. I love the scarf patterns on your blog. Thanks for posting the lovely patterns.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, must make.ee

Dana said...

Simply beautiful! And right on time, I needed something quick and lovely for a gift! :-)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to make this one. Love all your patterns. Thank you for sharing them.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to make this one. Love all of your patterns, thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Made one this week while on Christmas break. Thanks. Granddaughter now wants one.

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing ths pattern, it is beautiful and easy to knit up. I have made 4 so far!

Patricia and John said...

I am a fairly new knitter - What size needle do I use for the flat work?

kriskrafter said...

Patricia and John,
there would be no difference if you use circular needle or straight needles, the size is still size 10 needle(s). If you use straights just make sure they are longer ones to hold a bunch of stitches.

wjean said...

I have made so many of these!! My mom has three and my sister has the first one i made.. finally made two for myself! I just want to make sure i am measuring corectly. For the 11 inches are you measuring from the very first four stitche at the beginning of the lace cast on ??

kriskrafter said...

wjean: yes, you are measuring it correctly (from the first 4 cast on sts). Glad you're enjoying the pattern. :)

Unknown said...

I cant find the Jojland Fantasia in the blue variegated yarn. Can you tell me where I can get it. You call for worster and Jojoland seems to come in chunky.

kriskrafter said...

Carole Biswurm -
Here is a link I found for jojoland fantasia. Yes, it is a chunky but it is a lighter chunky and it worked out just fine (and I love it!)


I believe you can look on their store locater to see if there is a dealer near you, perhaps you can just order directly. I think I bought mine on webs online, but I just checked and don't see it there anymore. best of luck!

Unknown said...


I love it your pattern! It's beautiful and so easy to do it! I would like to ask your permission to translate it into portuguese.

I'm looking forward for your response,


kriskrafter said...

Leticia Cristina,
would you email me please - kris@kriskrafter.com


Unknown said...

I'm so eager to make this! I made one similar to this that called for short row shaping, but yours looks SO much easier. Also I'd like to commend you on how specific?, thorough, and easy to understand your directions are. I'm going to start this very soon!

Kristi Stem said...

I absolutely love your Gallatin scarf! I am about 1 inches into a cowl pattern but not really loving it. Saw this and BAM! I'm frogging my original project and starting this. Thank you for another lovely pattern! xoxo

valryb said...

On rows 15 and 16 it says knit until 12 sts then PM, is that actually knit the stitches or does it mean pattern the stitches, thank you for the pattern

kriskrafter said...

Valryb, it means knit.

Peggy Herbert said...

WooHoo! I'm making my second Bridger Cowl. They are so lovely and after carefully counting the first one, I'm flying through the second. Thank you for this beautiful pattern

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this pattern will try it soon when I finish (??) all the other things on my needles.

Regards from Scotland.

Wendy Aycoth said...

This is such an easy pattern, yet the finished article is beautiful, so professional looking. I have made many of these now, all for Christmas gifts, and all received with flattering comments. Now I am being asked for repeats in different colours!
Thank you so much for. These beautiful patterns, keep them coming!

Unknown said...

I love this! I made a similar cowl, working short rows for the shaping with a made up as I knit cable pattern. It is such a versatile shape. Yours is much easier than my Skyrim Cowl, I may have to whip up a few for gifts. Thank you for all of your wonderful patterns!

Anonymous said...

I want to maake it with worsted yarn, can you help me please to modify instructions for my new gauge, please!!

kriskrafter said...

Dear Loulou,
The pattern is for worsted. ;)

Kathy B said...

I tried out the pattern and used Caron Simply Soft Party (purple with metallic thread). I followed the instructions to the T and it came out exactly how your photos show. I love this pattern, it took me about 8 hours to complete as the metallic thread kept breaking, but that's alright with me.

I will be making more of these, the next one already on the needles, Malabrigo worsted. I may even keep one for myself..

I posted it on Ravely on my page: kraftsbykathy

And in a week or 2 I will be posting on my blog. Its a fun pattern that any new knitter can work with.
Thanks for the pattern. I have been wanting to knit the Gallatin scarf, now I know I can do it..

VLPDevore said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing, vickie

roostacat said...

I'm almost finished. I am sooo excited because this is my first project I will keep for myself. I will post finished project soon. Loving it si dar.

Kristin said...

I'm working on one now. It's turning out lovely and was interesting enough without being difficult Bravo!

Gail said...

Some knitting patterns instruct to knit through the BACK of yarn overs. Should we be doing this, or knitting through the front? I finished two by knitting through the front, but now I wonder if I did it correctly.

Also, I found that the flat, lacey portion lay more flat by using a needle one size up from the stockinette portion.


kriskrafter said...

Dear Gail Hansen,
No you should not knit the yo's thru the back loop - that is only done (rarely) when instructed and then used to close the hole made by the yo. In this case you are making lace and you do not close the hole. So if you knit them regularly, through the front, then you did it correctly.

momof2greatcats said...

Lovely pattern - thank you for making it free! I am ordering a skein of lovely hand dyed worsted and to try it out I’m going to knit this cowl!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful cowl. I will knit it first, then share with my volunteers. We knit for Charity.

Reiko said...

Thank you for this beautiful pattern. I can't wait to start and hope to make a bunch as Christmas gifts. Yay, I found a jackpot!

Lynne said...

I made this pattern for a Christmas gift and unfortunately it is too small to fit over the recipients head (not the lacy end but the bind off end). I used 6mm circular needles and did a swatch first. I have enough yarn to make another one but need advice on how best to make it larger, whether by adding more stitches or a larger needle. Your help would be appreciated.

kriskrafter said...

Dear Lynne,
Sounds like your bind off is too tight, I don't know which bind off method you used but perhaps google a "stretchy bind off" this is probably what you need. This way you can just rip back the bind off and re-do with something stretchier.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished mine using UK 4.5 and dk yarn. It's tiny! Where have i gone wrong!?

kriskrafter said...

Dear Annonymous,
The directions call for worsted or aran weight and a 6mm needle, so your thinner dk weight yarn and the smaller 4.5mm needles would obviously result in a much smaller scarf.

liz said...

can I use straight needles throughout?

kriskrafter said...

No, as most of this is in the round.