Wednesday, June 16, 2021

New Weaving attachment for LK-150 Knitting Machine!


New for the LK machines!

The Weave-R attachment will fit the following machines:
LK-150, LK-140, LK-100, Zippy 90, GK-370.
*No, I am sorry it will not fit other machines.
The Weave-R attachment will speed up your knit-weaving projects. This attachment is used in conjunction with your main carriage. You lay your weaving yarn across needles that are selected and pushed out to "D" position, then run the Weave-R across the needle bed. The weaving yarn will then be woven (over & under) the needles, then, knit across with your main carriage and you now have a nice contrast yarn woven in. Watch my demo video here: A much faster way to perform knit weaving than having to do hand manipulations. For more info/purchasing, go to