Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Sideways Pullover - Knitting Machine rendition

I liked the look of a hand knit pattern called Jujuba, it is a free pattern on the Berroco website.

I wanted to make this on my knitting machine.  You need a long length machine to make this as there is over 200 needles at work at times.  I used my Brother KX350 (mid-gauge), I have 2 of them joined together.  I suppose the Ultimate Sweater Machines, LK-150's or any other machines, that folks have joined together, could also be used.  I write this out not as one of my patterns, simply to tell you how I made mine on the machine.  I am a 36" bust size, typically wear size medium, my height is 5'7".  This fit me perfectly.  Hope this helps someone else out that may want to make this pattern on their knitting machine.  

Tension set at 5.  

Yarn: 2/2 Cotton. (Sport weight?) see more yarn info at the bottom of this post.

Gauge: 19 sts x 26 rows = 4". 

This sweater is made in 2 sections.

Right Section

Sleeve: RC000. Cast on 53 sts, knit 6 rows. 
Inc Rows:  Inc at each end, knit 1 row.  [55 sts].  
Rep this inc every 6th row, 11 times more – [75 sts].  RC066.  Work even for 10  more rows, end with carriage on the right.  RC076.
Set RC000.   
Next Row: Cast on 74 sts at beginning of this row and at the beginning of next row. [223 total sts]          Knit 38 rows.  RC038.  
*a note on casting on that many stitches at the beginning of the row, I find that the latch tool cast on works best.
Divide for Neck: 
Set RC000.  Place left-most 112 sts in Hold position, leaving right-most 111 stitches in work.  Set carriage hold buttons.  
Back:  Knit 2 rows.
Dec Rows:  Using 3-prong tool and FF decrease, decrease 1 stitch at neck edge.  Rep this dec every other row 4 times more.  [106 sts.]  Work even until RC032.  Remove these 106 sts with waste yarn. 
Front:  RC000.  Put the right-most 112 stitches in work position, and take carriage off of hold.   Knit 3 rows.
Dec Rows: Using 3-prong tool and FF decrease, decrease 1 stitch at neck edge.  Rep this dec every other row 13 times more.  [98 sts.]  Work even until RC032.  Remove these 98 sts with waste yarn.  **IMPORTANT** Mark this as your Front section as it is confusing when you go to seam if you haven't marked it. 

Left Section:

Work same as right side only make sure to mirror it. 


Sl 106 sts of each back section onto two 29” length circular needles.  Hold pieces together with WS together.  Perform a 3-needle bind off.  Join front sections in the same manner. 
Seam under arms and sides using any method you prefer.  I like using mattress stitch.
On the cherry sweater I picked up and knit 4 rows of ribbing on the sleeves, hem, and neck edge.  -but this is optional.  I liked the way it looked.  A single crochet edge would also look nice.   On the green sweater I did 4 rows of ribbing on the cuffs, 2" of ribbing on the hem, and no ribbing on the neckline.

*A note on my yarn choice (cherry color), Conshocken Cotton Softball.  I loved the look when I first had it all made up. ....then I washed and dried it.  ugh.  The yarn lost a lot of color and dulled down quite a bit.  Not totally loving it.  I do love how the pattern made up though and will definitely make this again!

My second one, the green is made with 1 strand of Denys Brunton "Magicolor" yarn, and 1 strand of 2/24 acrylic, heather gray color.   This one washed up nicely and I dried it in the machine about 75% then laid out flat for the rest of the drying.  Pleased with the results.

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