Thursday, December 1, 2011

Machine Knit Head Band/Neck Cowl

Here is what I just got done making for a craft show this weekend. Head Band/Neck Cowl. You can wear these on your head (covering your ears) for warmth OR you can wear them around your neck. I was inspired by a free Hand-Knit pattern that I saw online.

Here is how I made mine:
Using my KH-965i, I used my Garter Carriage, chose a pattern (many will do), cast on 34 sts with waste yarn and 3 strands of 2/24, tension 7++.
Set your carriage to knit 182 rows.
Pick up stitches from the first row and rehang onto stitches. Bind off.
You now have a circular band. I then did the cinching simply by wrapping a strand of yarn around about 8 or 9 times. I then chose some funky buttons to sew on.
You don't HAVE to use a garter carriage or even an electric knitting machine. Basically you just have to knit a band approx. 5" wide X 23" Long (when slightly stretched).

I also made some using sock yarn but cast on 40 sts instead and knit 194 rows. Self striping yarn works up really neat for these!

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