Monday, September 14, 2015

Machine Knit Pattern: Lil Diamonds Stringy Cowl

*This pattern calls for use of a Garter Carriage. 

Knit with your garter carriage, this one works up quickly.  At the end you will hang your hem on your working needles, drop the first 3 and the last 3 sts and bind off to form a cowl.   The 3 dropped sts on each side will then be unraveled to form your fringe. 

Yay!! no tying on fringe!

To view, download, or print this pattern scroll down past the written directions and click on the link to the pdf.  

For Hand-knitters I have a similar pattern for you here:  Coming Soon! (knitting as fast as I can!)



Machine: 4.5mm standard gauge (I used a  Brother 965i)
Yarn: I used Tamm 3 ply


Cast on 60 sts using waste yarn, knit a few rows in waste yarn.
Using main yarn, knit one row.
Set Garter Carriage up and use pattern number 483.
I used my Point Cams and set the first 4 sts on each side so they would just plain knit, no patterning.
Knit 210 rows in pattern.
Knit one row in plain knit.
On the next row, hand knit the first 4 sts, now just leave this be for a bit.

Pick up and hang your hem up on to your working needles.
Push the first 3 needles and the last 3 needles out, then in again to let the stitches fall off.  Yep, let them fall off as these will be dropped and unraveled later to make your fringe.  Now bind off from the first needle where your working yarn is and bind off across.  You now have your cowl joined.
Tie off, weave in end.
Now you can drop and unravel those 3 sts on each side to make your fringe.  This is done simply by gentle tugging and pulling on the first st and working your way down.   I have a hand knit pattern that uses this same technique, if you'd like to see the fringe pulling video it is here: 

To View, Download, or Print the instructions click here for the pdf file: 

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