Sunday, September 12, 2021

Needle Beetles now for Brother machines too!

 Last year I came out with the "Needle Beetle" needle selector for the Silver Reed (studio,singer) LK-150, LK-140, LK-100, Zippy 90, and GK-370.  It was a hit!  but I kept getting asked if it would work on the Brother plastic machines, KX and Convertibles.  Unfortunately they have different widths (not length) to their needle beds and a couple other factors such as they don't have the round knobs on top of their needles like the LK's do.  I weighed whether to take on another expensive project, but so many were asking I went ahead and did it.  

I am happy to announce that we now have the Needle Beetle II for the Brother plastic machines, KX models and convertible models.  *sorry thus far it will not work on the KH-341. 

The Needle Beetle needle selector makes selecting needle arrangements go MUCH faster when working specialty stitches such as tuck, slip, weaving, lace, fairisle, etc.

Needle Beetle for LK machines.

Needle Beetle II for Brother KX & Convertible machines.

Both Needle Beetle and Needle Beetle II work exactly the same way, they both work on 8-stitch pattern repeats (16 for the Convertible 9mm option).  You simply select the first 8 needles, push the Needle Beetle across the needle bed and the NB will select all the rest of the stitches exactly in the pattern you chose.   There are now some great videos on Youtube by various knitters demo-ing the NB.  

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