Friday, January 27, 2012

Eyeglass Necklace

About 3 years ago I noticed that my reading vision was starting to blur - I kept doing the age-old trick where you hold out your book further and further, then my arms weren't long enough so I went in and got my eyes checked. Yep, Presbyopia, the old-age reading vision issue. I was 46 at the time so I guess I can't complain too much as I've had perfect vision my whole life. Anyway, being a crafter I find that I am in and out of my reading glasses all day long and I can't ever remember where I set the darn things!!

I decided to whip out a necklace that I could wear around my neck during the day that would hold my glasses. I saw some in the eye doctor's office but figured I could make one myself that I like a lot better without having to spend $20.

Here is how I made mine:

Used a standard gauge (4.5mm) knitting machine
Did an e-wrap cast-on on 3 needles.
Tension was at 3
Used lightest weight sock yarn that I had - it was a small little wad of leftover.
Knit 300 rows
This of course created "I-cord". The 300 rows netted approx. 36" in length.
Bound of my 3 stitches, then I centered a silver ring (purchased a pack of these at Micheals) and looped it through, then knotted the end at a length I liked.
The sock yarn I used was self-striping and because I was only knitting on 3 stitches it had a very different look. I really like my new eyeglass necklace because it is thin I-cord, lightweight, and does the trick nicely. I know it is a simple thing but just thought I'd share the idea. I am going to make several to give away to friends. Only took a few minutes to make.
If you don't own a knitting machine, the same thing could be accomplished with one of the little I-cord knitters that Bond America makes (called Embellish-Knit). Here is their link:

You could also hand-knit a long I-cord, but whew, that would take some time.
Now I have my glasses with me at all times. :)

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