Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Garter Bars coming soon for Machine Knitting

I have been working the last couple of years to bring back old knitting machine tools and accessories that no one seems to make any more but people seem to want.
Last year I introduced my Yarn Twister - a hand crank yarn winding apparatus that twists multiple strands of yarn together while winding into a center pull ball. A popular tool for bulky hand and machine knitters.

I also introduced a new Buckle for circular sock machine users. My buckle was based on the one that came with the old Gearhart machines. It is a favorite by many, works great and is super sturdy.

Now my latest and greatest is my new Garter bars. These garter bars, although they look different from the old style garter bars that were around 20 years ago. Have all the same functions. They can produce garter stitch, specialty stitches, lace, cables, etc. I am in the final throes of production and hope to have these for sale on my website at the end of this month. I have made these three sizes: 6.5mm, 8mm, and 9mm. Email me if you would like for me to send you and email when these are available. I suspect that this first production run will go quickly!

Happy springtime!