Sunday, October 20, 2013

Machine Knit Whisper Cowls w/ fringe

My daughter had told me that fringed scarves/cowls were really "in" right now and that she wanted me to make her some.
Here is what I came up with.

First, using my standard gauge (4.5mm) KH-965i and my garter carriage. I cast on 96 stitches with waste yarn, knit 6 rows with it.  Then I knit 500 rows with the scarf yarn at tension 9 using Pattern #493.  I then flipped it over with a garter bar, hung the beginning stitches onto the last working row and knit them together right side to right side.  Bound off, then fringed.  You fringe BOTH sides of the cowl tube.

Then I used my Bulky machine (9mm) Brother KH-260, Using 48 needles with Pattern card #2 and tuck stitch, at tension 5 or 6.  I cast on with waste yarn and knit 6 rows, then using my scarf yarn knit 330 rows.   I used the "wrong"side (tucked side) as my right side so I simply rehung the cast on stitches to my last row - therefore right side to right side, knit them together then bound off, then fringed.  You fringe BOTH sides of the cowl tube.

I used a variety of different yarns and sometimes I twisted 2 lighter weights together.  The size I was shooting for was anywhere from 10" - 12" wide by 52" in length.  I lightly steamed the cowls mostly just to pull the fringe out a little bit so it didn't curl inward.
These cowls are very light weight, soft, but warm and very pretty.  My daughter absolutely loves hers and I couldn't even get them back from her to photograph.   I made a few more that I am keeping myself (although she wants more!) and I think I will make some for a craft show in November as they are fast and easy.                                  

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Here they are:

Made on KH-965i

 These were all made on the Bulky:


Judy @ said...

These are stunning. Lucky girl, your daughter! You realize, of course, that those us who do not have a knitting machine will now BEG you to come up with a hand knitting pattern for a cowl similar to these. But no pressure. :)

Thoroughly enjoy seeing all your beautiful work and constantly wish I was half as talented.

taty's oma said...

ditto for me !! you make me wish I had a knitting machine !!
thanks for sharing your lovely talents- I keep writing the patterns out in my silver book :)