Monday, September 30, 2013

Free Knitting Pattern! Definitely Diagonal Scarf

It is has been chilly and rainy here for about a week now. I am in the middle of making my son a felted Irish hat - wanted a break from that so I whipped out another scarf pattern. This one is for myself, I love the look and the feel of it. I used 250-253 yds of Plymouth "Sweet Caroline" which is 100% cotton. It is very soft and drapey, just the way I like my scarves.  On the next one I make I may try a yarn where the color is changing like Knitpicks Chroma, I think that would look nifty with the diagonals.
Photos are at the bottom as well as the pattern if you'd like to download.

Definitely Diagaonal Scarf 

by Kris Basta  


Worsted weight yarn 253 yds
U.S. size 10 circular needle  


 3.5 sts per inch in Garter St.  


K = knit
P = purl
K2tog = knit 2 tog
rep = repeat
yo = yarn over
Kfb = knit in front and back of st to increase  


Casting on at the beginning of the row, otherwise known as “knitted cast-on”. Video reference is here:


Using Long-tail cast on, cast on 7 sts
Begin set-up rows:

NOTE: these 3 rows will only be worked once. 
1. K2tog, yo, k5.
2. P2, *k3, p2
3. K4, k2tog, yo, k1

Now skip to row 4 below, work rows 4 – 16 of the Pattern Rows below.  NOTE this will only be done once.


1. K2tog, yo, *k3, k2tog, yo; rep from * to last 5 sts, k5.
2. P2, *k3, p2; rep from * to end.
3. K4, k2tog, yo, *k3, k2tog, yo; rep from * to last st, k1.
4. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, k1, *p2, k3; rep from * to last st, p1. 12 sts 
5. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, *k3, k2tog, yo; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. 17 sts 
6. K2, *p2, k3; rep from * to end.
7. K2, *k2tog, yo, k3; rep from * to end.
8. *K3, p2; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.
9. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, K1, K2tog, yo, *k3, k2tog, yo; rep from * to last 4 sts, k4. 22 sts 
10. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, P1, *k3, p2; rep from * to last st, k1. 27 sts 
11-13 Knit
14. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, K to end. 32 sts 
15. Cast on 5 sts @ beg of the row, K to end. 37 sts
16. After completing row 15, start over with row 1 of the 16-row-stitch pattern, and work rows 1-16
      4X more. 157 sts 
17. Work pattern rows 1-10. 177 sts.
18. Kfb, K across to last 2 sts, Kfb, K1. 179 sts
19. Knit
20. Repeat 18 & 19 once more. 181 sts
21. Repeat 18 once more. 183 sts
22. Bind off.

 Unblocked measurement: 60” L x 13.5” W
(Lightly) Blocked measurement: 70” L x 14” W

Here is the pattern

Click on the link below, you should be able to download or print from there by clicking on "File".  If this does not work for you you may try switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer or vice versa.  Worst case senario you can copy and paste the directions into a word doc and print it out.  Enjoy!

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andrea said...

I just love this? Thank you for the pattern!

Little Ol' Liz said...

Stunning! I look forward to casting on after the holidays -- the "me time" knitting season!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. It looks so pretty and cushy.

Sue said...

I WANT to try making this, but it won't expand when I click and I can't copy & paste. how can I get the pattern?

kriskrafter said...

Sue Hunt - hmm, I've never even heard of not being able to copy and paste - I would say that there must be something seriously wrong with your computer - something to have looked at.
The pattern is in the body of the post of course so you can see it to work from.
You could also try opening it on another computer. I have a few folks tell me that it wouldn't open on their laptop but was fine on their pc or vice versa - probably settings or something.

Anonymous said...

grazie mille... è veramente bello e ben spiegato. lo voglio fare e subito.

kriskrafter said...

prego, di niente (you're welcome!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice - might be a holiday gift solution! Thanks

KathrynBrooks1 said...

Very pretty! A question about the pattern, though. After the first for setup rows, shouldn't you follow rows 1 - 16, not 4 - 16? Thanks.

kriskrafter said...

No, Stick with the directions, they are correct. After competing rows 4 - 16, you will THEN go back and work rows 1 - 16 repeatedly.


KathrynBrooks1 said...

I see that now, Kris. Thanks! It's coming along nicely. I'm doing it in a variegated red/burgundy/black worsted wool. Ithanks so much for your lovely free patterns.

Sandy Pink said...

Can this be done on straight needles?

kriskrafter said...

Sandy Pink - yes, it could be done on straight needles, just make sure they are longer ones to accomadate the large number of stitches. Have fun!

Dana said...

Just finished this in a lovely soft blue merino, even with the mistake I made its still gorgeous! Thank you for the pattern :-)

Debs69 said...

Hi can you tell me what length of size 10 circular needles would be best. I'm new to knitting and I see that various lengths are sold in size 10. Thank you

kriskrafter said...

Debs69, I like a 29".
If you're iffy on circular needles you can use long regular needles but circs are my preference. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this pattern, it will be next on my needles.

Laura said...

I know writing patterns can be time consuming, I really appreciate you sharing this beautiful pattern. I can't wait to start it. thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

made this for my it ..thank you for the pattern

Shell64 said...

If doing this on circular needles are you connecting it so it comes out as an infinity type scarf, your one picture looks as if it is your preference circular needles just because of the number of stitches?

kriskrafter said...

Yes exactly, it is not a circular scarf (not joined), it is worked flat. I use circular needle simply to accommodate the large number of stitches. You can absolutely use straight needles if that is your preference. Just make sure they are long ones.


Momma moose said...

What size needles should I use if knitting on straight needles?

kriskrafter said...

Momma Moose: you use the same size. Just make sure you use straight needles that are plenty long to accommodate the large number of stitches.

Unknown said...

What is row 16? It just says to repeat 1 thru 15, but i need a purl row of some sort.

kriskrafter said...

Elaine Maier: 16 is just to tell you to "Repeat rows 1-15 of the pattern rows 4X more. then you should have 157 sts.
There is no need to purl a row.

Anonymous said...

Kris, just finished the 4 repeats of 1-15, running low on yarn. Going to work rows 1-3, then forward to row 18 and finish.mdumb question: how does the scarf stay in place and fluffed as in photo? Do you tie it? This is for a friend and I don't wear scarves. Just want to be sure it is long/wide enough to tie or whatever.

kriskrafter said...

Annonymous: I actually tie mine to wear it that way. You can wear it several diff. ways I suppose but I like this particular scarve tied cowl style. Just my preference.

Anonymous said...

Made this and just love it. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

Anonymous said...

Is there a similar pattern in crochet?? Love it!

Monica uribe said...

I made this beautiful shawl in a dark red wool friend loved soo much than i gave it to her and i am doing another one for miself.

Kim said...

I think I saw this on Facebook last week and cast on! I am having a hard time putting this down; it's so fun to knit. Thank you for sharing your design!

Anonymous said...

I just finished this in a dark green, wool blend Tonic. It sure saved my sanity on the long, international flight.

Knitsta said...

So glad I found your pattern on Ravelry. I have some cotton silk that's being re-purposed for this scarf. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your site and I love your patterns! Thank you! Will definitely being knitting a couple!

Unknown said...

Your pattern is beautiful! THANK YOU for sharing!!! <3

Dee said...

I love the look and feel of this scarf.
I knitted it up in no time and used Simply Soft yarn.
It turned out beautiful and soft.
Everyone at work loved it.
Thank You so much for sharing the pattern.

Anonymous said...

This scarf is beautiful and I want to try and make it. However, I am a beginner knitter, I knit (Eastern) European style, and English is not my mother tongue. It took some time to figure out what k2tog means, but I got it, tog is for together. I would be grateful if you could explain what I am supposed to do with: Kfb = knit in front and back of st to increase. Does this mean that I insert the right needle in the loop on the left needle, yarn over and pull up a loop, but keep the original loop (into which I had previously insterted the right needle)on the left needle and then pull another loop behind the left needle and only then cast off the original loop? I am not sure if you can follow my train of thoughts... But thank you anyway for the beautiful pattern!
Katarina, Bosnia-Herzegovina

kriskrafter said...

dear annonymous - to learn kfb, perhaps it would be better to study a video, it is quite simple and I'm sure you will learn it quickly. When I search Youtube I come up with many videos that you can watch to learn this - look here and watch some of these videos,

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for your kind reply! I did not imagine I could find that on You tube. I am definitely going to make this scarf!
Anonymous, Katarina, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Manya said...

I am doing this pattern with a thick/thin alpaca wool blend in red. It changes the look dramatically - very nice!

Anonymous said...

I have just finished my scarf in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it looks fabulous and feels wonderful to wear. Thank you so much for this pattern.

Nawnie said...

Thank you very much, it is so beautiful!

jtowner64 said...

Am I doing something wrong? After doing the set up rows and rows 4 thru 15, I am starting row 1 on the "wrong" side, considering row 1 is the "right" side. Or, is there no real right or wrong side and I should keep going???

kriskrafter said...

Dear Jtowner64,
After you have worked the set up rows, then work 4-15, your stitches will be angled one direction, which for the moment is your right side.

When you the go on to work rows 1-15 as directed in step 16, every time you do this (work rows 1-15) you are changing direction and thus you have a new "right side".
Hope that makes sense.

jtowner64 said...

YES! That is helpful. Thank you. I just finished downlowading and making my own checklist. I started making the scarf using Cascade 220 in a mauvy/pink heather. It won't be as drapy, but will be warm come next winter. I like what someone else did - using Caron Simply Soft. Never thought of that. It is soft and light. Will try that next.

Unknown said...

Has anyone tried to use a sock weight yarn? I was to use a smaller needle, maybe a 5? How does this change the overall look of the scarf? I know this is unorthodox but I'm making for a friend who picked out the yarn, and the pattern and I'm trying to accommodate her choices.

kriskrafter said...

Eliza Stever,
YOu might try looking at the projects page for this scarf on Ravelry and see what yarns others have used for it. Try looking at their project notes and you might get some good insight on how many they cast on, how many repeats, etc. Here is the link to the project page:

Miss Levengood said...

I'm a beginner knitter . In the directions for the set up rows in step 2. where it says:
P2, *k3, p2 What does the asterix signify at this point?

kriskrafter said...

Normally in a knitting pattern the "*" means that to finish the row out you repeat whatever follows the astricks. In this particular row (row 2) I didn't need the astrix because this will complete the 7 stitches that you need. But you will see in upcoming rows that the astrix is used - again this means to repeat whatever comes after or between astrix until otherwise directed.

Jen said...

I haven't seen anyone else ask this question, so I guess I must be 'thick'! I've just finished the Gallatin Scarf, piece of cake, love it.(Thank you for sharing). Made it with a thicker yarn and 8mm needle and turned out great. So thought I'd give this one a go, I got stuck on the set up row!...... I've cast on my 7 sts, Knitted 2 together, yarn over and knitted 5, that gives me 11 stitches. So, P2, k3,p2 still leaves me with 4 stitches at the end of Row 2! I guess I'm not understanding the 1st row...... So frustrating! : ( Can you help please.

kriskrafter said...

Hi Jen,
If you have worked row 1 of the set-up row you had cast on 7 sts,
k2tog (leaves 1 st), yo (makes one st), then knit 5. now you still have 7 sts.
So I am not sure how you ended up with 11 sts.

Next row, which is row 2 of the setup rows, you P2, K3, p2. This is still 7 sts.

Are you sure you're looking at the setup rows and not jumped ahead to the pattern rows?
You work the setup rows first, then it instrucs to go to row 4 of the pattern rows.

Jen said...

Hi Kris, Thanks for that, I see what I was doing wrong now. I kept the yarn over for each of the knit 5, that's why I ended up with 11 stitches! Apart from that 'senior moment', I find your patterns very easy to understand. Thank you. Jen.

Jtowner64 said...

Just saw your Definitely Diagonal pattern in the new Mary Maxim catalog. I made this pattern last Spring. It is beautiful. Thank you tor sharing your patterns with us.

Unknown said...

Love your work! I will try to knit it , if I have a question can you please respond. Thank you God bless.

EdithAnn said...

I have knitted 2 of your lovely Definitely Diagonal scarfs. Easy pattern to follow. I have received many compliments on them. Thanks for your lovely work!

grandmaapplesauce said...

Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for!

Unknown said...

I an having trouble knitting this,, I did the set up rows, then 4-15 rows. Row 16 says start row 1 again. It makes the diagonal on the opposite side?

kriskrafter said...

Dear Sue,
Yes, this is correct it should make the diagonal go the other direction.

Marg said...

Thanks for this pattern, Kris. I made it with Lion Brand Scarfie and it worked up fairly well - nice and cozy. I'm using it more as a shawlette. When I make this the next time, I think I'll use something where the wonderful diagonals show up a little better, as in your example.

Deb Ehnes said...

I love, love, love this pattern. Thank you!!! (Not too difficult for a not so experienced knitter.)

I just finished this scarf using Mandala Ombré yarn from The color
Is Harmony (which looks like denim) The cake is 5.3 oz / 150 g, 344 yds / 315m. I’m kind of a tight knitter so had 1.4 oz remaining. I cant wait for colder weather so I can wear this!

PS. I wanted to post a picture but couldn’t figure out how using my iPad.

Anonymous said...

I’m excited about this pattern
Thank you for sharing your talents.
I’ll post on Raverly when finished.

Sharneil said...

Hi Kris,
My diagonals are going the same way....
So my question is:
You specify doing this on circular needles.
but you don't say whether you are knitting in the round, or reversing direction.
Maybe my problem is that I am turning the work and reversing direction.
Please advise!
I hope you (or someone can clue me in quickly before I have dozens of rows to redo!)
Thank you!

kriskrafter said...

Sharnell, PLease see other comments above as I've answered the same question about circular needles several times. If you don't want to use circulars you can certainly use straights - I use them to accommodate the number of stitches used. No where in the pattern does it say to join in the round - this is knit flat.
As far as your diagonals going the same direction.

After you have worked the set up rows, then work 4-15, your stitches will be angled one direction, which for the moment is your right side.

When you the go on to work rows 1-15 as directed in step 16, every time you do this (work rows 1-15) you are changing direction and thus you have a new "right side".
Hope that makes sense.


Sharneil said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this pattern and the resulting is beautiful! I did have use a lighter weight than called for (a DK Malabrigo held with Kidsilk Haze); I used size 9 needles. It felt small as I was nearing the 5th time through the pattern so I added a sixth set of 15 rows. I am really glad I did! The scarf is lush and soft and just the right length and width for a full wrap around the neck and over the shoulders.
Thank you Kris, for a pattern easy enough yet fancy and detailed enough for a beginning knitter to feel a real sense of accomplishment!
If I can figure out how, I will post on ravelry. shar

Anonymous said...

I’ve knit this before, love the pattern. Right now I’m using Lionbrand Heartland (wonderful drape!) which is 251 yards but I’m about 15 rows from the end and have run out of yarn! I would recommend 300 yards :) Second skein on order ☺️