Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Knitting Pattern! Quite Simply...Scarf

 ©2013 Kris Basta

My last three scarves (on this blog) are all constructed similarly with easy pattern repeats.  This is the same but with only a 1 row repeat worked over and over.  Super simple, easy enough for the most beginner, AND good looking enough that even the more advanced knitter will enjoy whipping one up. 

Here it is: 



I skein of worsted weight yarn, approx. 200 yds.  
Size U.S. 10 1/2 (6.5mm) circular knitting needle.  You will use a circular needle not to knit in the round, but to work flat and accomodate the large number of stitches.  I used a 29" length. 
2 stitch markers 


K= Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast on
YO = Yarn over
PM = Place Marker
RM = Remove Marker
K2tog = Knit 2 sts together


Cast on at the beginning of the row, otherwise known as knitted cast-on.  Tutorial video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdaZTBOJ7XU


14 sts in Garter st = 4"


1. Using long-tail cast on, cast on 4 sts.
2. Knit
3. CO 4 sts at the beg of the row, knit to end.
4. Repeat step 3 until there are 36 sts.
5. CO 4 sts at the beg of the row, K16, PM, K1, *YO, K2tog, repeat from * twice more, K17.
6. CO 4 sts at the beg of the row, K16, PM, K1, *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to 1 st before marker, K1, RM, K16. 
7. Repeat step 6 until you have 192 sts.
8. CO 4 sts at the beg of the row, K across removing marker as you come to it. 196 sts.
9. Repeat step 8.  200 sts.
10. Do not cast on at the beg of the row(s), Knit 2 rows.
11. Bind off loosely.











Here is the pattern

 Click on the link below - You should be able to download or print from there by clicking on "File".  If this does not work for you you may try switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer or vice versa.  Worst case senario you can copy and paste the directions into a word doc and print it out.  Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. It's lovely.

Anonymous said...

This scarf was easy and I love the results! I am planning make another one with a different yarn.
Once you get the pattern down it finishes up quickly.

Unknown said...

I am making it now. I can't wait to try it on. It is going so quickly, too.

Londonlisa said...

Is there a mistake on Row 5? After you cast on the 4 stitches at the beginning of the row, you knit 16 and you have too many stitches at the end of the row? am I missing something ?



kriskrafter said...

Lisa Ogilvie,
No, row 5 is correct.
When you end row 4, you have 36 sts.
On row 5 you first cast on 4 sts at the beg of the row, (you now have 40 sts total on your left needle).
knit 16, place your marker, K1(You now have knit 17 of the 40 sts), *yo, k2tog, (you now have worked 19 of the 40 sts), repeat from * twice more (you will now have worked 23 of the 40 sts), k17. This will finish you up at having worked all 40 stitches.
I don't know if yarn overs are new to you but you might look up some youtube videos to make sure you are doing it correctly. If you aren't this can mess up your stitch count.

ursulaw said...

I am a new knitter and I don't understand line #2 where you just say K (knit). How many stitches? I just don't understand. Sorry

kriskrafter said...

Ursula W,
When you come to a row such as row #2 that just says "knit" that means you knit the whole row (knit every stitch in that row). This is a very common way for a knitting pattern to be written.

Anonymous said...

I love the look and color of these scarves. What yarn and color did you use?

kriskrafter said...

I used "Dream in Color, Classy" for the green scarf. http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/dream-in-color-classy

I'm sorry but I cannot remember what the orange yarn was and I didn't mark it in my Ravlery projects.

Jtowner64 said...

I have made several of these. Depending on the yarn used, I use the appropriate needle for the yarn. So some are smaller, some are bigger. All are beautiful! It is one of the nicest patterns ever. Thank you so much.