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Santa's Hearthside Slippers for Women

Ho ho ho!  I can finally use my arm - tendonitis has kept me from knitting the last month or so.  To try it out again I knit these Santa slippers just in time for Christmas.  Based somewhat on my Better Dorm Boots pattern they were quick to write up.  

These slippers are knit flat and seamed at the end.  There are yo's creating holes in which to thread your tie (santa's belt) through.  I made the tie by simply crocheting a chain.  If you don't crochet at all you could use icord, ribbon, or a fabric strip.   These knit up very quickly!  You still have time to make them, then wear them when you sneak down the tree in the middle of the night to deliver presents.  Lol!  You can make these non-holiday too of course by using other colors. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Worsted weight yarn (use 2 strands of worsted held tog.)
Sole: 92(100,114,120) yds
Slipper body: 92(110,124,130) yds
U.S. Size 9 needles (5.5mm)
U.S. Size H crochet hook (for chaining the tie)
2 stitch markers

Wms Sizes: Sm (6-7.5), M(8-9), L(9.5-10.5), XL (11-12)

Gauge: 14 sts = 4” in Stockinette (w yarn held double)

  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • yo = yarn over
  • sl-1 = slip one
  • PSSO = pass slipped stitch over
  • p2tog = purl 2 together
  • k2tog = knit 2 together
  • ssk = slip, slip, knit (see how to perform one of these descreases if you don't know, google it)
  • WS = wrong side
  • RS = right side
  • PM = place marker


Starting with Sole:

Using sole color, Cast on 47(50,52,55) sts using a long-tail method and with 2 strands held together.

Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K1, yo, k22(23,24,25) yo, k1(2,2,3), yo, k22(23,24,25) yo, k1.   [51(54,56,59) 

Row 3 and all odd rows: Knit.  *knit the yo’s through the back of the loop. 
Row 4: K2, yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k3(4,4,5), yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k2.  [55(58,60,63)sts]

Row 6: K3, yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k5(6,6,7), yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k3.  [59(62,64,67)sts]
Row 8: K4, yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k7(8,8,9), yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k4. [63(66,68,71) sts]

Row 10: K5, yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k9(10,10,11), yo, k22(23,24,25), yo, k5.  [67(70,72,75)sts]
Row 12: Size Sm ONLY: k6, yo, k27, kfb, k27, yo, k6. [70sts]

Row 12: Sizes M and L ONLY: K6, yo, k(23,24), yo, k6, yo, k6, yo, (k23,24), yo, k6. [75,77 sts]
Row 12: Size XL ONLY: K6, yo, k32, yo, k31, yo, k6.  [78 sts]

Row 13: Size Sm and M ONLY proceed to #1 of foot.              
Row 13: Sizes L and XL ONLY: Knit  (knit the yo's through the back of the loop)
Row 14: Size L ONLY: Proceed to #1 of foot.
Row 14: Size XL ONLY: Knit

Change color now if making foot different color than sole.
Row 1: Size Sm ONLY:  (RS)  Knit. (knit the yo's through the back of the loop)

Row 1: Size M ONLY: (RS) Knit (knit the yo’s through the back of the loop)
Row 1: Sizes L and XL ONLY: (RS) Knit.

Row 2: (WS) P31(33,34,34), PM, p8(9,9,10), PM, p31(33,34,34).

Row 3: K24(26,27,27), ssk 2x, k3tog, k8(9,9,10), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k24(26,27,27). [62(67,69,70)sts) 
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K20(22,23,23), ssk 2x, k3tog, k8(9,9,10), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k20(22,23,23). 54(59,61,62)sts]
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: K31(34,35,36), ssk,
 turn.    [53(58,60,61) sts]

Row 8: Sl-1, p8(9,9,10), p2tog,
 turn.   [52(57,59,60) sts]
Row 9: Sl-1, k8(9,9,10), ssk, turn.
  [51(56,58,59) sts] 
Row 10: Sl-1, p8(9,9,10), p2tog, turn.  [50(55,57,58) sts]

Row 11: (RS) Sl-1, k8(9,9,10), ssk, DON’T TURN, k19(21,22,22).   [49(54,56,57)sts]
Row 12: Size Sm ONLY: p1, p2tog, p2tog, p23, p2tog, p14, p2tog, p2tog, p1.  [44(-,-) sts]

Row 12: Sizes M, L, XL ONLYp1, p2tog, p2tog, p-(26,27,28), p2tog, p-(16,17,17) p2tog, p2tog, p1.  [-(49,51,52) sts]

    Row 12A: Sizes L and XL ONLY: Knit.

    Row 12B: Sizes L and XL ONLY: Purl.
Row 13: Size Sm ONLY: Removing markers as you come to them, k2, *[yo, k2tog] rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 13: Sizes M ONLY: Removing markers as you come to them, k2, *[yo, k2tog] rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.
Row 13: Sizes L ONLY: Removing markers as you come to them, k2, *[yo, k2tog] rep from * to last  st, k1.
Row 13: Size XL ONLYRemoving markers as you come to them, k2, *[yo, k2tog] rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 14: Purl. *if changing color for the rolled edge, change color now.
Row 15: K16(19,20,20), k2tog, k2, k2tog 2x, k2(2,2,2), k2tog, k16(19,20,20).    [40(45,47,48) sts]

Row 16:  Purl.

Row 17: Knit.
Row 18: Purl.
Row 19: Bind off knit-wise.



Using your crochet hook and a single strand of whatever color you choose to be your tie, chain 100(105, 110,114).   Starting at front center, weave the tie in and out of holes made by the row of yo's.  Try the slipper on and tie to a tightness you like.  I tied mine once and never untied it again. 
( I don't re-tie it every time I put the slipper on.)
If you don't crochet at all you can use icord, ribbon, shoelace, strip of fabric, etc. 

Sew seam using single strand of matching color(s).  I turn the slipper inside out and seam using a simple whipstitch.  Take care to make your stitches small and close together for best results. 
Weave in any loose ends. 
Wear and enjoy!

P.S. I lightly spray the bottoms of my slippers with the spray version of "Plasti-Dip" for a non-skip sole.

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