Saturday, September 24, 2016

Better Dorm Boots Deluxe - Free Knitting Pattern!

Are you sick of me yet?  I keep playing around with my Better Dorm Boot pattern to see what all I can do with it.  I decided to make a pair with a large fold-down cuff.  A pretty lace design seemed to suit the fold-down cuff, so here it is. 

To download, view, or print this pattern, scroll down past the pattern directions and click on the link.

Worsted weight yarn (use 2 strands of worsted held tog.)  360(380,410) yds

U.S. Size 9 (5.5mm) Needles
U.S. Size 10 (6mm) Needles  (*only the size M/L & XL will need both the size 9 & 10 needles,  The size Sm will only use the size 9 needles.)

Wms Sizes: Sm (6-7.5), M/L (8-9), XL (9.5-10.5)

Gauge: 14 sts = 4” in Stockinette using the size 9 needles.


  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • yo = yarn over
  • sl-1 = slip one
  • PSSO = pass slipped stitch over
  • p2tog = purl 2 together
  • k2tog = knit 2 together
  • ssk = slip, slip, knit (see how to perform one of these descreases if you don't know, google it)
  • WS = wrong side
  • RS = right side
  • PM = place marker
  • SM = slip marker


Start with Sole...

Using sole color, and size 9 needles cast on 47(50,52) sts using a long-tail method and with 2 strands held together.

Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K1, yo, k22(23,24), yo, k1(2,2), yo, k22(23,24), yo, k1. [51(54,56) sts]

Row 3 and all odd rows: Knit.  *knit the yo’s through the back of the loop. 
Row 4: K2, yo, k22(23,24), yo, k3(4,4), yo, k22(23,24), yo, k2.  [55(58,60)sts]

Row 6: K3, yo, k22(23,24), yo, k5(6,6), yo, k22(23,24), yo, k3.  [59(62,64)sts]
Row 8: K4, yo, k22(23,24), yo, k7(8,8), yo, k22(23,24), yo, k4. [63(66,68) sts]

Row 10: K5, yo, k22(23,24), yo, k9(10,10), yo, k22(23,24), yo, k5.  [67(70,72)sts]
Row 12: Size Sm ONLY: k6, yo, k22, yo, k11, yo, k22, yo, k6. [71sts]

Row 12: Sizes M/L & XL ONLY: K6, yo, k(23,24), yo, k6, yo, k6, yo, (k23,24), yo, k6. [75,77 sts]
Row 13: Sizes Sm & M/L proceed to #1 of foot.
Row 13: Size XL: Knit  (knit the yo's through the back of the loop)

Change color now if making foot different color than sole.
Row 1: Size Sm ONLY:  (RS)  k34, k2tog, k35. (knit the yo's through the back of the loop)   [70 sts]

Row 1: Size M/L ONLY: (RS) Knit (knit the yo’s through the back of the loop)
Row 1: Size XL ONLY: (RS) Knit

Row 2: (WS) P31(33,34), PM, p8(9,9), PM, p31(33,34).

Row 3: K24(26,27), ssk 2x, k3tog, k8(9,9), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k24(26,27). [62(67,69)sts) 
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K20(22,23), ssk 2x, k3tog, k8(9,9), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k20(22,23). 54(59,61)sts]
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: K31(34,35), ssk,
 turn.    [53(58,60) sts]

Row 8: Sl-1, p8(9,9), p2tog,
 turn.   [52(57,59) sts]
Row 9: Sl-1, k8(9,9), ssk, turn.
  [51(56,58) sts] 
Row 10: Sl-1, p8(9,9), p2tog, turn.  [50(55,57) sts]
Rows 11-26: Repeat rows 9 & 10.   [34(39,41)sts]

Row 27: (RS) Sl-1, k8(9,9), ssk, DON’T TURN, k11(13,14).   [33(38,40)sts]
Row 28: P20(23,24), p2tog, p11(13,14).  [32(37,39) sts]

Row 29: Removing markers as you come to them, knit one row.

Row 30: Size Sm ONLY: P1, p2tog, p to last 3 sts, p2tog, p1.    [30 sts].
Row 30: Sizes M/L & XL ONLY:  P1, p2tog, p2tog, p across to last 5 sts, p2tog, p2tog, p1.           [33, 35sts]

Row 31:  Knit

Row 32:  Purl
Rows 33-48: Rep rows 31 &32 8x.

Row 49: Size Sm ONLY: k1, p1, across, end with K1.  Now go to rows 52-53.  

Row 49: Size M/L ONLY: [k1, p1] rep to last st, k1.  Now go to rows 52-53 .    
[33,-- sts]
Row 49-50: Size XL ONLY: Repeat rows 31 & 32 once more.  
Row 51: Size XL ONLY: [k1, p1] 8x, k2tog, p1, [k1, p1] to end.   [--,34 sts]
Rows 52-53: 1x1 rib.

Cuff  (change color here if you want cuff to be a different color)

Row 54: Size SM ONLY: (WS) k2, yo, k5, [yo, k4] 4x, yo, k5, yo, k2.     [37 sts] 
Row 54: Size M/L & XL ONLY: (WS) k4, yo, k8, yo, k9, yo, k8, yo, k4.  [37,37 sts]  
Row 55: Knit (knit yo's thru back loop) 
Row 56: Knit.

Row 57: Knit.  *tie a yarn marker on the first and last st.  You will need to mark this row for later. 

Rows 58-59: Knit

Size M/L & XL ONLY: Change to size 10 needles, size Sm stay with the size 9 needles.
Row 60: K1, *(k2tog) 2x, (YO, k1) 3x, YO, ssk, ssk, k1; rep from * across row.
Row 61: Purl (purl the yo's regularly, NOT thru the back loop).
Rows 62 - 73: Repeat last 2 rows 6x.
Rows 74 & 75: Knit
Bind off

Turn slipper inside out, using simple whip stitch and starting at sole of the foot stitch until you come to the yarn markers that you placed on row 57.  Now turn slipper right side out and stitch the remaining seam up of the cuff.  ( The reason you stitch this part right side out (wrong sides together) is because it will be a cuff that will be folded over.

Once seamed, and yarn ends all woven in, fold cuff down on slipper.


To Download, View, or Print this pattern click the link below: 

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Kate said...

Never Ever sick of you! Your patterns are great and so very much appreciated--love them for charity knitting and gifts. You warm so many people all over this world and make a big difference!. Thank you always.

robinc said...

Oh no!!!! Another dorm boots pattern??? I've been making them for Christmas presents for the grandkids, but now I have to make some for my daughters!!! Will be stopping at the yarn store on my way home tonight!! ( aching hands!!)

Unknown said...

In the section for the foot row 3 is that that SL1 or SL11???

kriskrafter said...

That is slip - 1.

Anonymous said...

Awesome bootie. Had just discovered the 1st version and was going to have made a pair for my adult daughter when I stumbled across this lacy version...just lovely...thank you.
Thanks especially because they're seamed, I've knit for 60 years and can tackle any pattern, that is except for socks.

Kim said...

Love, love, love them. 😘

Hawkeye said...

Awesome slipper! Thank you for this free pattern. I consider myself an advanced beginner but, was able to complete these slippers without problem. Very different slipper pattern with terrific results. Could these be made with chunky yarn or some wight of yarn to avoid the double strand?

kriskrafter said...

As with any knitting project, it's all about gauge - so it doesn't matter if you use double strands of worsted or go to a bulky, as long as you get gauge. :)
Happy knitting,

geordiesmom said...

Love your patterns & thank you for the awesome dorm boot patterns, I am going to make myself a couple of pairs as can really use them around the house with the cold weather settling in. Hugs Sher.

JustSomeChick said...

i think i am confused. I am new to patterns, and i was unclear, is this pattern to be knit on straight needles or circular? i got to the end on straight needles, and now i am super confused as to how to but it together if it is to be knit on straight needles....

kriskrafter said...

Dear Megan Poeppel,
These slippers are knit flat and seamed at the end so your straight needles are just fine.


Alexandre said...

These slippers are very cool!

Anonymous said...

omg . . . you have stunning/amazing work/patterns thank you thank you !! for sharing your work with us !! very generous Lady You are !! <3 heart heart :))

Lydia said...

Your pattern is awesome. I have all wood floors. Any suggestions on how to make the bottoms so they are not slippery on the wood floors? Thanks, Lydia

kriskrafter said...

Dear Lydia,
Try "Plasti-dip" the clear spray version. A light to medium coating works quite well. Plastic-dip is sold in hardware stores like Ace, Tru-Value, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Jax Higginson said...

Hi again! The sizes are in US shoe sizes right? ;)

kriskrafter said...

Dear Jax Higginson, Yes, they are U.S. sizes.

Verna Warnell said...

Our grand daughter is absolutely in love with the earlier version of these - I have made her 3 pairs so far, and she wanted another 3 as Christmas gifts. I can't wait to try this version - they look a little 'dressier' than the original pattern. Thanks so much for your free patterns. They are much appreciated.

Unknown said...

These are stunning. Thank you so much

Sosoxy said...

Min mormor gjorde tofflor och yllestrumpor till oss. De var riktigt varma. Mm några fler par kvar idag. Ull är ett riktigt bra material eftersom det inte försämras så snabbt.