Thursday, August 11, 2016

Indian Summer Top

©2016 Kris Basta

A late summer/early fall pullover that looks great with a colorful tank top underneath.  Knit with a cotton or cotton blend worsted weight yarn, this top is cool and drapey.  This is knit on circular needles, you will start with a shorter needle but then once you've increased to a certain point that the stitches get crowded on the needle, you will want to switch to a longer circular needle to accommodate the larger number of stitches.  As this is a garter stitch project, and is knit in the round, you will be knitting one row, then purling the next.

Edited for a few corrections on 8/14/16

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Size: one size fits bust size 34 - 38  (*please note, this pattern can easily be upsized or downsized simply by increasing or decreasing in increments of 2, to your own fit).

Materials and Tools:
Cotton or cotton blend worsted weight yarn, I used Cascade yarns "Avalon"
4.5 skeins 790 yds.

8 Stitch Markers - I suggest having one that is a different color from the other 7.

Circular Knitting Needles
Size 10 (6 mm), length 24" and length 36"
Size 9 (5.5mm)
2 Spare circular needles (size not terribly important) or holders to hold many stitches.

Gauge: 15 sts and 28 rows = 4" in Garter Stitch.

K = knit
P = purl
PM = place marker
yo = yarn over
k2tog = knit 2 together
SM = slip marker
Rep = repeat
rnd = round
M = marker

  • I recommend using the markers if you are a person who heavily relys on markers.  I myself don't actually use them once I know the established pattern (the yarn overs with one stitch between), but that is your option if you use them or not.
  • On this pattern please note that the largest number of stitches between markers are the sleeves, not the body.  I know that seems weird but trust me that is correct.  


Using the shorter #10 circular needle and long tail cast on method,
Cast on 84 sts and join in the round.
1.  Knit
2.  Purl
3.  *k2tog, yo, rep from * to end.
4.  Purl
5.  Knit
6.  P27, PM, p1, PM, p13, PM, p1, PM, P27, PM, p1, PM, p13, PM, p1, PM. (Please make this last marker the one that is the different color from the others as this will mark your starting point.)

7.  Slip the first (diff colored) marker, Yo, k to M, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k to M, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k to M, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k to M, yo, SM, k1.   [92 sts]

8.  Slipping markers as you go, purl around.

9.  Rep rows 7 & 8 until you have 332 sts (change to longer circular needle when you get to crowded on the shorter needle)  Total sts should be like this, 89 sts and 1 st between M's in first section(sleeve), 75 sts and 1 st between M's in second section(body), 89 sts and 1 st in between M's in 3rd section(sleeve), and 75 sts and 1 st between M's in last section(body).

10. *Please note, you will now be increasing the sleeve sections but NOT increasing the body sections.
Slip the first (diff colored) marker, k to M, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k2tog, k to 2 before M, k2tog, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k to M, yo, SM, k1, SM, yo, k2tog, k to 2 before M, k2tog, yo, SM, k1.    [336 sts]

11. Slipping markers as you go, purl around.

12. Rep 10 & 11 until you have 344 sts like this, 95 sts and 1 st between M's in first section, 75 sts and 1 st between M's in second section, 95 sts and 1 st in between M's in 3rd section, and 75 sts and 1 st between M's in last section).

13. Slip the first (diff colored) marker, *yo, k2tog, k to 2 before M, k2tog, yo, SM, k1.  Rep from * around. (this will keep the yarn over pattern but will not increase any further).

14.  Slipping markers as you go, purl around.

15. Rep 13 & 14 until piece measures 12" from cast on edge.

16. Knit (do not do any yarn overs)
17. Purl

You will now separate the body from the sleeves.

18. Removing M's as you go:  Use 2nd needle, or a scrap piece of yarn to hold the first 96 sts (these are a sleeve),  continue now and knit the next 76 sts, again using a spare needle or scrap yarn, place the next 96 sts on hold (second sleeve), continue and knit the next 76 sts.  You now have a total of 152 sts that are the front & back of the body.  The stitches on the holders/spare needles are your sleeves.

Work body stitches:

PM to mark beg of rnd.  Continue now working in the round for the body,
19 Purl
20 Knit
21 Purl
22. Rep #19 & 20 until you have 15 garter ridges from underarm.
23. YO, k2tog, rep to end.
24. Change to Size 9 needle, Purl.
25. Knit.
26. Purl
27. Bind off.

Work sleeves both this same way:
28. Using #10 needle, Tie on yarn at underarm, knit around, pick up and knit 2 stitches at the end from the body, PM.
29. Purl
30. Knit
31. Purl
32-33. Rep 30 & 31 1x more. (if you'd like your sleeves a bit longer than shown in the pictures, then here is where you'd want to add more rows of garter)

34. YO, k2tog, rep to end.
Change to Size 9 needle
35. Purl
36. Knit
37. Purl
38. Bind off.

39. Weave in all yarn ends.
I did not block mine, I simply washed it in the washing machine, dried it half way in my dryer, then laid it flat to dry the rest of the way.

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Richard said...

This is a really neat looking top. I may have to knit one up. Not a manly top but, maybe someone I know will receive it as a Christmas gift. Richard in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

I am a little confused... I thought the garter stitch was ALL knitting. With the purl rows doesn't that make the stockinette stitch?

kriskrafter said...

Dear anonymous -
When you knit garter stitch in flat knitting, yes you knit on every row, thus creating a bump on each side.
But for this project and for any garter stitch in the round you need to knit one round then purl the next to get the garter bump.
This is standard for a garter project in the round.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great info. I will definitely try to make this.

Anonymous said...

So...I was not sure how this would knit up but did it anyways & TA DA! It worked! I wore it for a trip & sister in-law ""avid knitter"" & Step-Daughter thought I purchased it! HA! Thanks for the WONDERFUL pattern & the ability to let me know that I cannot type for S*#t after a few glasses of wine! Wine & knitting go so well together!!! AAAHHH! I did it! Now we just need a new backspace button HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! :] THAnks AGain


kriskrafter said...

Deear Anneka,
I LOVE your message! I am so glad your top turned out and I would love to see it. If you're so inclined please post your project on Ravelry. Yes, wine and knitting go wonderfully together - in my case champagne and knitting. :)