Monday, March 14, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern: Ahh Spa Slippers for Women

© 2016 Kris Basta

Spaaaah comfortable.

This pattern has been fully tested by a wonderful group of Ravelry testers.
Working a sequence of front loop only and back loop only makes for a unique shaping.  Yarn held double, large hook size and SC's throughout, this works up SUPER fast!  These are soft and squooshy and would make a wonderful gift. Very easy, I would call this a easy-intermediate pattern.
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For Men's sizes click here: Men's Ahh Spa Slippers



Worsted weight yarn (held double) 200-295 yds
Size J (6mm) Crochet hook
Darning needle
1 stitch marker (or paper clip if you're desperate!)


3 sc per inch & 3.5 rows per inch in sc.

Sizes: Sm(M, L, XL)

 SM = 6/7.5, M = 8/9, L =9.5/10, XL =10.5/11



sc = single crochet
sc2tog = single crochet 2 together
sctbl = single crochet through back loop
sctfl = single crochet through front loop
sc2togtbl = single crochet 2 together through back loop
ch1 = chain 1
slst = slip stitch
rep = repeat


Magic ring for crochet: 

Did you do a gauge swatch?  If not, don't be mad if your slipper is too small/large....


* You will use 2 strands of Yarn held together throughout

Using Magic ring, sc 7(,7,8,8) in ring, join with slst.

1. Ch1, 2 sc in join and 2 sc in each sc, join with slst in top of ch1 .     14(14,16,16) scs
2. SM/M/XL ONLY:  Ch1, 2sc in join and 2 sc in each sc.     28(28,---,32) scs
    LG ONLY: Ch1, 2 sc in join and 2 sc in each of next 6 scs, 1 sc, 2 sc in each of next 7 sc, 1 sc.   (30) scs

*Now you will work in rounds, no need to join with slst just go right to next stitch in round.

3. 10(10,11,12) sctfl, 2 sctbl, 2 sctfl, 10(10,11,12) sctbl, 2 sctfl, 2 sctbl.

4. Rep step 3 for 12(13,14,14) more rounds.  You should have 13(14,15,15) ridges on bottom of foot. (do not count the last row you worked, just the visible ridges in previous rows.

At this point you should try it on, the ridges are at the bottom of the foot.  Your slipper foot should be of length to fit about like this (pictures below) and should be about 1" (ish) from the crook of your foot/ankle. *You can always add one more row or pull out one more row to get the right foot length, just make sure to count your ridges to make the second one the same way.

Now you will turn and work on the heel, on just 18(18,19,20) sts. (you are no longer working in the round). Normally you ch1 and turn but for these slippers you do NOT ch1 when you turn.  Simply turn, making sure you do not skip the first sc.

5.  18(18,19,20) sc, turn.

6.  Rep last row 6x(6x,6x,7x) more.

7.  6(6,7,7) sc, sc2tog, 2(2,1,2) sc, sc2tog, 6(6,7,7) sc.     16(16,17,18) sts

8.  Size Sm & Med ONLY: 5(5,-,-) sc, sc2tog 3x, 5(5,-,-) scs.
     Size Lg & XL ONLY: -(-, 6,6) sc, sc2tog, -(-,1,2) sc, sc2tog, -(-,6,6)
     13(13,15,16) sts

9.  Pull up your last loop slightly, just so it doesn't come undone, pull out the hook, fold heel in half as shown in picture, insert hook from the opposite side of the last stitch worked.  Grab loop and pull it through the opposite side, ch1.  Please note that there will be a gap/hole created where the two sides of the heel come together - this is correct, you will stitch that closed later.

Now you will work in the round again making the cuff of the slipper.
10.  10(10,10,11) sc down the side of the slipper, 10(10,11,12) sc across the top (front) of slipper, 10(10,10,11) sc across the other side of slipper, use marker to mark the beginning sc, no need to join with a slst, just keep working in the round.    30(30,31,34) sts
11.  9(9,9,10) sctbl, sc2togtbl, 8(8,9,10) sctbl, sc2togtbl, 9(9,9,10) sctbl.  Remove marker from row below and now place in first sc. 28(28,29,32) sts
12.  8(8,8,9) sctbl, sc2togtbl, 8(8,9,10) sctbl, sc2togtbl, 8(8,8,9) sctbl, join with a slst into top of first sc.
Cut yarn, fasten off.

Turn slipper inside out to stitch the open gap.  Use a darning needle and a tail of yarn.
Also make sure you secure the tail from the original magic ring so that it does not come undone.

To Download, view, or print this pattern, click on the link for the PDF file:

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much for a smart design and easy instructions! I just finished my first pair!

MdB said...

Great pattern. Very easy to follow and easy to customize.

I made a few modifications for a more personalized fit and for personal comfort. I added two rounds to the mid-foot to make the slipper longer, added two rows to the heel before the decrease rows, eliminated the decreases for the cuff, and only did two rounds of sctbl for the cuff.

I used one strand of acrylic and one strand of a washable wool blend yarn. Makes for a nice, cushy slipper that is warm and cozy on the foot!

Will make again and will make several for gifts!

Unknown said...

This has to be the best crocheted slipper pattern I've seen. You have combined the best of all the others with your own unique ideas and added the easiest illustrated instructions. I will enjoy this for years to come as will crocheting friends. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pattern..I love it...thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Finally a unique, stylish slipper pattern. Great directions and visuals.

Anonymous said...

This is great--I've made it as a cast cover for my broken foot in the winter weather! Just went with the XL and added 2 extra rows to the heel, and I might keep going with a long cuff up to the knee. It's a life-saver, and so warm!

mo said...

Thanks for this pattern! easy to make great slippers from this :-)

Margo said...

I have to agree with everyone else, these are fantastic! Not sure why I'm not seeing this pattern on my news feed because I've never seen such wonderful crochet slippers. Directions are so precise I had no problems and the fit is wonderful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for a quickly worked, attractive slipper pattern for guests & to give as gifts.
I enjoyed this pattern & will be keeping many feet warm this winter.
I may add a 2nd color around the cuff, for a little personalization.
I, too, increased rows to get the ideal fit.
I really appreciated the periodic photos to compare my work to!

Unknown said...

Great pattern! Can this item be made to sell or not? Thanks!

kriskrafter said...

Unknown, Yes, feel free to make and sell as many as you like! :)

Trish87109 said...

Hi Kris,
I can't wait to try this pattern! I've been looking for a simple slipper pattern. I wear slipper socks all winter long and have just about worn out several pair that need replaced.

I also wear thin socks shaped like these in my boots. I'm going to try this pattern with some finer yarn for that purpose. Obviously by using a finer yarn I'm going to have more rows but I'm really excited to try making them because I can't find the ones I've been wearing anymore and they too are almost gone.

These look perfect for both purposes!

A Kelley said...

Thank you for this pattern. It's the first pattern I have been able to follow. I love these slippers.

Diane Marie said...

Thank you for a brilliant pattern. I have made lots of other slippers over the years, and this is the best free pattern I have come across. Makes a very stylish and comfortable pair. I like to use 2 different colors yarn held together, the combinations are endless. Have already made 5 pairs for Christmas gifts, both women’s and men’s. Thanks again for sharing.

CK said...

Thanks so much for the pattern! I'm relatively new to crochet, less than a year, but I had no problems following the instructions. I made a pair of the men's for my domestic partner, and he loves them. I'm about to start a pair for myself. Looking forward to wearing them!

Anonymous said...

These are the best! I've made and given away dozens of pairs since discovering this pattern. They're always well-received. I made 12 for my gma for Christmas last year. She's 96 and these are -- literally -- the only "shoes" she wears. I make more of a "no show" sock type doodad by only doing one round for the cuff. Color combos are endless!

Unknown said...

I’m working on size medium women’s. when working on the straight rows (18 sts) are you putting your hook through the back loop, front loop or entire stitch as your work progresses?

kriskrafter said...

Dear unknown, You are referring to the heel section correct? Yes, these are the straight rows and you are working just normal sc's (through entire stitch).

Vidya rao said...

Oh wav awesome pattern Kris. Loved ur pattern very much n prepared one pair for myself. It is very easy to work also. Thank u ❤ Kris for sharing such a wonderful pattern.

Jelly Roll fanatic! said...

Not only are these adorable, they fit, they're comfortable. My mother in law has asked me for over 8 pairs already. I put little drops of puff paint on the bottoms, or glue gun, so they aren't so slipper to walk in. Love Love Love this pattern. Hey from Saskatchewan Canada.

Nancy Jo said...

These slippers are absolutely adorable. The pattern is easy to follow and they work up in no time. The puff paint idea is genius. Thank you for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

Are these UK sizes or us? Size 6 seems quite large for a woman to be small? I am making some for my male colleague who has uk size 6 feet (small for man) so not sure whether to use women's or men's pattern

kriskrafter said...

Dear Unknown,
I am in the U.S. so these are womens U.S. sizes.