Sunday, February 22, 2015

Free Knitting Pattern! A Minion Hat

Minion Hat!

I made this for a friend.  The baby was born premature at just 2 pounds.  He is still very tiny at 4 months, I fear this will be too big for a while.  Otherwise I would say this would fit a 4-6 month old.
This was a "fly by the seat of my pants" pattern.  This is probably the most informal I have ever written a pattern - if you are a seasoned knitter then you'll have no problem figuring this out.  Here is what I did.

Using #8 DPNs, I cast on 64 stitches in royal blue
I worked a 1x1 ribbing for 8 rounds.

Using yellow yarn next, I knit 12 rounds.

Using black yarn, I knit one round, purled one round, knit 4 rounds, purled one round, knit one round.  (8 rounds total of black yarn).

Using yellow yarn, I knit two rounds. 
Next round, k7, k2tog, repeat around to last st, k1.
Knit one round.
K6, k2tog, repeat around to last st, k1.
Knit one round.
Cont. decreasing with one less between the k2tog followed by a knit round, until you work k2, k2tog,... etc.  do not work the knit round afterward. 
Instead work k1, k2tog, repeat around until last st, k1.
Now work k2tog across to last st, k1.
Cut yarn, thread yarn tail thru remaining sts and cinch up to gather.  Secure and weave in end.

I hope I can remember to tell how I did the eyeball.  Using #7 DPNs I cast on with a provisional cast on of 4 sts, then I Icord knit for the length I wanted to make a circle (the size of the eyeball).  Once I got the length I wanted I grafted the ends together.  Then Using DPNs I picked up 36 sts around the eyecord using white yarn.  I did about 4 rows making decreases to reduce the size of the circle as I went.  Then I tied on brown yarn and worked 3 rows decreasing as I went until I had only 5 sts left, I cut yarn, threaded the tail thru the remaining stitches and cinched up to gather.
I sewed a black button in the center of the brown area. 
When I was done I didn't like the broken edge look of the brown against the white, I wanted it to look more circular so I used a crochet hook and did a chain stitch around the brown. 

Anyhoo, thats how I made mine.  I see a lot of folks crochet the eyeball which would be simple enough, I just preferred the knit look myself.

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kctink said...

I have a sister in law and a great nephew that are nuts about Minions. Thank you so much for the lovely pattern. Will think of you with each stitch.