Sunday, March 9, 2014

Free Knitting Pattern - Soft Shoulder Cowl

I am always cold.   My husband says it's because I "have no heart" ha!  I like to wear turtlenecks but like a little extra around my neck and on my shoulders.   I wanted to make something that was a cross between a cowl and a shawl.  Below is my "Soft Shoulder Cowl".  I am now making my second one because I have worn the 1st one three days in a row!  I don't know if anyone else will like my crossbreed but hope you do.   Enjoy!

*To download or print the pattern just scroll down past the photos and click on the link.

Size S/M Materials & Gauge      Size L Materials & Gauge

Aran weight yarn, approx 327 yds                               Worsted weight yarn, approx 350 yds
Size 8 (5mm) circular needle                                        Size 9 (5.5mm) circular needle
(needle length 20 or 24")                                              (needle length 20 or 24")
4 stitch markers                                                             4 stitch markers
Gauge: 16 sts & 22 rows = 4" in Stst                            Gauge: 15 sts & 24 rows = 4" in Stst



CO=cast on
PM = Place marker
Slm = slip marker
rep = rep
sts = stitches
KRL = Knit Right Loop
KLL = Knit Left Loop
Stst = Stockinette Stitch
CRXsts = crossed stitches

Pattern Stitch

CRXsts:  Knit the second stitch on the left needle but do not let the stitch come off the left needle, then knit into the first stitch on the left needle, then let both of them fall off the left needle.  Continue on in this manner to the end of the round.


 KRL - to learn this increase see this video: 

KLL - to learn this increase see this video:


CO84 sts using long-tail cast on method, pm and join in the round being careful not to twist.  This may be a little tight at first but after a few rounds it won’t be.
1.     Knit 
2.     Knit 
3.     Purl 
4.     Knit 
5.     Knit 
6.     Purl 
7.     Knit each round until pc measures 9” in length. 
8.     K3, *KRL, k7, rep from * around to last 4 sts, KRL, k4.  (96 sts)
9-12 knit
13.  *k8, KRL, rep from *to end of round.  (108 sts)
14.  k40, PM, k14, PM, k40, PM, k14.

You will now be back @ the original starting marker.  You may want to make sure that your starting marker is identifiable, perhaps a different color than the other 3 markers.

15.  *K1, KLL, k to 1st st before next M, KRL, k1, Slm, rep from * to end.  (116 sts)
16.  Knit
17-32.  Rep last 2 rows 8x more.  (180 sts)
33.  Purl
34.  Knit

Begin Pattern rounds

35.  CRXsts around.
36.  Knit
37.  Rep last 2 rounds until the patterning measures 2 ¾ ”.
38.  Purl
39.  Knit
40.  Bind off loosely.

I lightly steam blocked mine simply to get the bottom edge and the neck edge to lay flat and not roll.


J said...

Thank you. It is beautiful!

Karin said...

What an elegant piece!!

Anonymous said...

This is just perfect. Thank you for taking the time to write it out and share.

Ruth Hamilton said...

Thank you! This is just what I have been looking for and didn't know it. I bought a lovely skein of wool in Ireland two years ago, but it is only about 500 yards, so too little for a vest. Like you, I am always cold and expect this will be perfect.

Kelly said...

Lovely pattern! I've recently found these shoulder cowls or wraps and love them too! I used to love shawls, but these are excellent for wearing around the house. They stay on and aren't one bit bulky.

Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!


Anonymous said...

Love your pattern, looks great, and yes, I too like to take the shill off the back of my neck and shoulders. Thanks for sharing! Irma from Virginia

barbara mavk said...

I can't tolerate anything around my neck so this is a great pattern neckline for me. Also love the drape and length of it. Then too any of my collection of beautiful stitch patterns can be substituted so I'm in knitters' Heaven this early Saturday morning!!!!


Beverley A Johnson said...

I love it....have been looking for something more than a cowl and less than a full shawl...this is PERFECT:)

Alles said...

How nice of you to share your lovely pattern. Thank you.

Delighted Hands said...

It's going on the needles soon-thank you for this pattern!

Rose said...

What a great "crossbreed"...thanks so much for sharing! Just as soon as I finish a vest for my great grand, yours is next!ox

Unknown said...

This will be my next project. It looks wonderful. I was reading through the pattern and noticed there are two Row 15. I am just a bit confused about that. I am not a very experienced knitter so I was just wondering how to proceed. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I know I will love wearing this.

kriskrafter said...

Christine Gagne,
oops it was just a mis-numbering. I've corrected the blog. The PDF was already correct. If you've printed it just ignore the numbering being off by one and just follow along in order. The second number 15 should have been 16 etc.

Unknown said...

This would be great for over a coat in the winter when it is just too cold. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern but I am having more trouble trying to
Send this comment than understanding the pattern. Please help me. I am having trouble with the round stitch
Ct on row 13. It reads K8, KRL repeat from to end of rnd.
(108) sts. The st count for rnd 12 is (96 sts,) which I got.
Row 13 reads K8, KRL repeat to end of rnd. (108sts.)
The count on. Round 12 (stitch count was 96 )On round 13 - I had 10 repeats ( 8 times 10 is 80) KRL is
2sts for each KRL. (2 times 10 is 20 )I had 6 sts at the end of this round.
80 plus 20 plus 6 is 106 .PLEASE what am I doing wrong? Can you please help me. THANKS LOADS.

kriskrafter said...

Annonymous, can you please email me:, I can see what you are doing wrong and can give you a better, detailed answer.

Anonymous said...

What yarn did you use? I am having trouble identifying aran yarn. I want to make the small size but everything I have is worsted weight. I need to make something without wool in it. Thank you for your help!

kriskrafter said...

Mary, I am sorry I don't remember what yarn that was. Worsted weight is totally fine too as it is so close to Aran. As long as you check your gauge you'll be fine, you may have to go up or down a needle but probably you won't even have to.
Have fun!

Diana said...

How would you incorporate stripes into this pattern? I'm using. Caron navy and a lighter blue variegated.

Unknown said...

Than you for sharing. Our group knits for senior's and this is perfect. They want something they can put over shoulders while taking the bus to appts. Needed to be easy to take on and off.

Unknown said...

Dear Kris,

Thank you for this lovely pattern. I have been hunting for something to make for my friend who has asthma and suffers in the chilly air. She can pull the front up and cover her nose easily, provided I knit the stand tall enough. I think this will be perfect for her.

I think it will be perfect for myself, too. Like you, my neck and shoulders always seem to be cold, and as much as I love shawls, they do not stay on well.

Thank you again,
MJ, the SKEINdinavian

Hortigirl said...

This is just what I have been looking for to keep the spot below the nape of my neck warm in our very cold winters; I tense up there from the cold and that just makes it worse. Thank you!

Renee J said...

Hi Kris,

Firstly, many thanks for your generosity in sharing this pattern. I live in Australia, our yarns don't come in yards, they come in balls of 100gms. Do you have any idea of the weight of the finished Cowl? I am definitely going to knit this, just want to be sure I buy enough wool and not too much :)!

kriskrafter said...

Hi Renee J,
Mine was approx 3.2 ounces which is 90.71 grams. For the yarns I've used, it usually only takes 1 skein but I'd always have 2 ready just in case.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this pattern. Can you please tell me what pc means. Your pattern says, knit each round until pc measures 9" in length. I am probably missing some obvious meaning. Sorry if I am.

kriskrafter said...

pc is just a common abbreviation for piece. You knit until the piece measures 9" in length.

Christina said...

What a beautiful piece and just what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to write this out.

Summer said...

I totally understand we're your coming from I'm alway cold and hate A/C plus I have a severe neck problem called narrowing of the cervical collar so I always get a stiff neck any any Breeze at all puts me in severe pain so when I saw this I downloaded and printed your pattern it is beautiful I will hide the collar around my neck. Thank you for sharing

twistedsistah said...

Thank you! I LOVE this!

Unknown said...

For the CRX stitches do you knit into the front or the back of the stitches?

kriskrafter said...

Dear Unknown, You knit as regular in to the front of that stitch.

Joannecordelia said...

Hi! I have loved your patterns for awhile and lays suggest them to others! I’ve knit 4 or 5 of your slippers. They are my favorite! So when I saw this I then saw your name and just knew I was going to make it! Just what I wanted. You know what people want when they knit. We don’t want to spend time on sub-par things, but Patterns we want to wear, and easy to knit quickly and simply. Thank you so much! I’ve had to ask people for yarn and needles. Not an easy thing for me, but then choosing a pattern was of utmost importance. I chose yours! Thanks! 🙏❤️ I am prov31mrs on Ravelry. I haven’t filled much out yet!

Anonymous said...

It is perfect , thanks so much.