Sunday, January 19, 2014

Free Knit Pattern! 2-Needle Boot Toppers / Cuffs

I think boot toppers/cuffs are pretty darn cute.  They close the gap between the top of your boot and your pants that are tucked in (or leggings), and add an element of design.
I had never made any and decided to see if my daughter wanted a pair.  She did, so I whipped these out.  I have no adversity whatsoever to double point needles, but I know some folks do.  I wanted to write the easiest pattern I could just to tempt people to try it, so these are made on 2 regular needles.
For downloading or printing of this pattern, simply scroll down past the photos, the pattern is there.  *Special thanks to my Ravelry tester Karinamaza for letting me use her picture of the gray/blue toppers.  ☺
Here are my 2-needle boot toppers.....

Sizes: Sm(Med, Lg/XL) 

Sm = up to 13” calf width, Med = up to 14” calf width, Lg/Xl = up to 15” calf width. 


Worsted weight or Aran yarn 110(130,150) yds.
A few yards of waste yarn
1 set of U.S. size 8 (5mm) needles
1 extra needle either size 7 or 8 (for 3-needle bind off at the end.)


18 sts & 36 rows  = 4” in Garter st.


k = knit                                p = purl 
rep = repeat                          CO = cast on       
sts = stitches


3-needle bind off: 


To begin, first choose what length you would like your toppers to be.  Since you are working sideways the length will be determined by the amount of stitches you cast on.  28 sts will be 6.2” long.  33 sts will be 7.3 “ long.  38 sts will be 8.4” long.  *The toppers shown are 28 sts.

Using Waste yarn CO your chosen amount of sts. 
Still using waste yarn, knit one row, then purl one row.  OR You may use a provisional cast on method if you prefer something else.
Now join main color yarn.

1. (RS) Using Main Color: Knit
2. (WS) K4, *k1, p4, rep from* to last 4 sts, k4.
3. (RS) K4, *k3, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
4. (WS) K4, *k3, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
5. (RS) K4, *K1, p4, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
6. (WS) Knit
7. Rep rows 1-6  ten(eleven, twelve) times more – on the last rep of rows,
stop at row 5.
8. Now grab your other needle and pick up the original stitches being held by the waste yarn.     Remove waste yarn. 
9. Fold your knitting RIGHT sides together, Use 3-needle bind off method to bind off knitwise.

Cut yarn and weave in end.   Make second topper the same way.


Anonymous said...

Another great pattern Kris. Thanks for sharing these cuffs.

KnitsPlus said...

Been looking for a boot topper pattern to try with some great leftover yarns. Thanks for the free pattern!

Tessa Neill said...

How do you add the main color? Do you just do a provisional cast on? Thanks!

Kriskrafter said...

You just cast on any way you like using waste yarn, then tie on your main color and begin knitting as instructed. Your waste yarn will be cut away/pulled out at the end.

Tessa Neill said...

So you mean literally tie the main color onto the end of the waste yarn?
Sorry, I'm a new knitter.

Kriskrafter said...

Yes, I do. I just tie it onto the waste yarn loosely, leaving a bit of a tail for weaving in later.

debbie said...

It looks like you do several ribbing rows but it doesn't seem like that is in the pattern. Could you clear that up for me?
Thank you.

Kriskrafter said...

Debbie, there is no ribbing. You are probably talking about the edge that is garter stitch - if you look at the pattern you will see that the first 4 stitches and the last 4 stitches are knit stitches, thus making a garter edge.

debbie said...

Ok, I get it now, I was forgetting how they are knitted! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm a there any way to elaborate on step 8? Or maybe there is a youtube video demonstrating. I'm unsure of the role of the scrap yarn I suppose.

Kriskrafter said...

I am not at my home right now, at our family farm out of state and don't have my video equip to produce a film but I did find one here:
It shows picking up stitches off of a provisional cast on but it doesn't matter the method you used your waste yarn, I usually just knit a few rows with waste yarn then just start knitting the pattern. You pick the working stitches onto your needle, then I just snip the waste yarn out to remove.

Jess Roden said...

Hello!! This sis probably a really stupid question, but just bare with me. Why use scrap yarn? Why not use the yarn your knitting with? I've never heard of it before. Thanks!!! :)

Kriskrafter said...

This is a very common technique. When you cast on with waste yarn, then start knitting the pattern with your main yarn - this leaves the first row of your main yarn "live" to be picked up later. Later, when indicated by my pattern (at the end) you pick up the "live" main yarn stitches and remove/pull out/cut away the waste yarn. You can google "provisional cast on" to see different ways in which people cast on with waste yarn.
If you were simply to cast on with your main yarn and not the waste yarn your first row stitches would be "closed" and not "live". Don't know how else to explain it but it is again, a very common thing to do.

Anonymous said...

The videos are very very helpful thanks!

CC Cowan said...

I've knit this pattern twice, but have wondered each time, when on the last row you say to knit to row 5, do you knit to the end of row 4 or to the end of row 5?

Kriskrafter said...

CC Cowan,
Work all of row 5, then stop.

Anonymous said...

I am really excited to try this pattern!

Rachel Gilman said...

I'm sorry but why not cast on with working yarn, knit the pattern, bind off, then sew the sides together?

Kriskrafter said...

Dear Rachel Gilman,
Don't be sorry. You can certainly do it any way you want. I prefer the smoother finish of knitting the two sides together with a 3-needle bind off at the end. But you can for sure do it the way you describe as well if you don't mind more of a seam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - The instructions tell me to cast on 33 stitches. At the end of row 2 I am one stitch short so after making sure I did everything right I increased one stitch. At the end of row 3 I have one stitch too many. What did I do wrong?

Kriskrafter said...

Dear annonymous,
I have no idea without seeing what you are doing. There are no increases nor decreases in this pattern so somewhere you are adding or losing a stitch - I don't know. You may want to go to a local yarn shop and show them how you are knitting they can probably spot what your trouble is.

Lee Ann said...

These cuffs are pretty! I soooooo need to learn how to knit. :). :). Thanks for posting! :)
Lee Ann

Jodi Mesa said...

I have 18" calves. How much more would I have to cast on?

Kriskrafter said...

Dear Jodi,
Please see the directions - since these are knit sideways the cast on only determines the length so first choose what length you want and then cast on that number of stitches.
Work thru row 6, then on #7 you will see this is where it determines the width. So instead of repeating rows 1-6 10(11,12) times you may want to repeat them 13 times. YOu can always hold the knitting up to your calf, wrap it around and see if it looks like a fit. If still too small, knit rows 1-6 yet again and check.

Anonymous said...

Hello, after casting on and before starting with 1.(RS) with waste yarn knit. I am on the (WS) . Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong ? Thank-you

Kriskrafter said...

I don't know, I don't really understand how could be on the wrong side.
If you cast on with waste yarn.
then knit one row (rs)
then purl one row (ws)
then when you join your main yarn you are about to knit a row which is the right side.

Kirtland Purdy said...

New knitter here! Do RS and WS stand for something??

kriskrafter said...

Dear Kirkland Purdy,
RS and WS are common knitting terms meaning Right Side and Wrong Side.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand the beginning directions: using waste yarn co your chosen amount of stitches . Still using waste yarn, knit one row, then purl one row. Now join main color.
Confused about how to do step 8: Picking up original stitches held by the waste yarn and removing waste yarn.

kriskrafter said...

Dear anonymous,
If you don't like the waste yarn method or it is confusing, you can use any provisional cast on method you like - it doesn't really matter which. If you are not familiar then just google "Provisional cast on" and look at a few different ways and choose the one you like best.

Anonymous said...

If I want to knit these on a round needle what size would I need and can you include the size of round needles as well in your boot warmer patterns

kriskrafter said...

HI Norma,
I myself almost always use a circular needle versus straights - either way the needle size is the same.