Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Machine Knitting - Felted Slipper Pattern - DOUBLE strands of wool

Okay...Here it is, I've been asked for a thicker version of my machine-knit felted slippers!
Here is my "recipe" for making the DOUBLE stranded felted wool slippers on my Bulky Knitting Machine. I use a Brother KH-260, which is a 9mm machine, tension is set at 10.
I used a variety of leftover worsted weight wool. Mostly gotten from Michaels or thrift stores. This pattern is written in very basic form and assumes that the maker is a fairly experienced Machine knitter so I don't go into detail about how to ewrap cast-on, make a heel, etc.
___________________________SIZES are Womens Med(Lg)
Here is how I made them:
Using two strands of worsted weight wool yarn, cast on 20(22) sts.with e-wrap cast on using your cuff color.
Knit 6 rows in cuff color (or you could use your garter bar and do garter stitch for 6 rows. Don't have a garter bar?.......well, I happen to know where you can get one! (wink). You could also knit 12 rows and hang a hem for a thicker cuff.
change to heel color and knit your heel, short rowing down to 10(10) sts then increasing back up to all stitches in work.
change to bottom foot color and knit 28(30) rows.
change to toe color and knit toe same as heel
change to top foot color and knit 28(30) rows
Knit 6 rows in cuff color and then bind off. (or again you can do garter stitch, hang a hem or whatever).

I sewed the seam on my sewing machine with as small a seam allowance as possible 1/8" or so, but you can also sew the sides shut using mattress stitch.
I felted mine in my top-loader washing machine. Finally, trim up any furry wool, shape it by putting it on your foot (I know, it's cold, wet and yucky but you want to get a perfect fit to your foot), now set it aside to air dry. Enjoy! I would love to see slippers that others make.
If you are looking for the SINGLE strand version of this pattern see further down in my blog and you will see that pattern as well.
*There is also a hand-knit version that I sell on my website.

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Susan said...

Made my first pair of felted slippers and they turned out just beautiful! Many many thanks to you for a wonderful pattern, I will be making these for my family and friends.
Thank you!!!

kriskrafter said...

Yay! Glad they turned out nicely for you. THey really are so quick and easy to make. I have made many as they are good sellers for craft shows too! :)

Unknown said...

Do you have the hand knit version pattern?

Unknown said...

Hi, love this pattern - just trying to access the single strand version but the link seems to take you to the double stranded instructions instead. Thank you :)

kriskrafter said...

Here is the link to the single strand version: