Sunday, November 27, 2016

Better Dorm Boots for MEN! - Free Knitting pattern

Better Dorm Boots ©2016 Kris Basta

A very special thank you to fellow knitter Anne Goodwin for helping test this pattern.  Due to tennis elbow I haven't been able to knit for a while.  I had the pattern mostly written out but it's hard to make sure all is right without test knitting each size.  Anne did just that, corrected numbers for me and tested the fit on most as well.  


U.S. Size 9 (5.5mm) needles
Worsted weight yarn (use 2 strands of worsted held tog.)
     Sole: 114(120, 130,140) yds 
     Slipper body: 124(136, 142, 158) yds
2 Stitch markers

Mens Sizes: 

Sm (8-9), M (9.5-10.5), Lg (11-12), XL (13)
For womens sizes see here

Gauge: 14 sts = 4” in Stockinette (w strands held double)


k = knit
p = purl
yo = yarn over 

sl-1 = slip one
PSSO = pass slipped stitch over
p2tog = purl 2 together
k2tog = knit 2 together
ssk = slip, slip, knit (see how to perform one of these descreases if you don't know, google it) 

WS = wrong side
RS = right side
PM = place marker

Rep = repeat


Starting with Sole:

Using sole color, Cast on 52(55, 57, 59) sts using a long-tail method and with 2 strands held together.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K1, yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k2(3,3,3), yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k1.  [56(59,61,63) sts]
Row 3 and all odd rows: Knit. *knit the yo’s through the back of the loop.

Row 4: K2, yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k4(5,5,5), yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k2. [60(63,65,67)sts]

Row 6: K3, yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k6(7,7,7), yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k3. [64(67,69,71)sts]

Row 8: K4, yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k8(9,9,9), yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k4. [68(71,73,75) sts]
Row 10: K5, yo, K24(25,26,27), yo, k10(11,11,11), yo, k24(25,26,27), yo, k5. [72(75,77,79)sts]

Row 12: Size Sm ONLY: K6, yo, k(24), yo, k6, yo, k6, yo, (k24), yo, k6. [77 sts]

Row 12: Size M ONLY: K6, yo, k32, yo, k31, yo, k6.  [78 sts]
Row 12: Size L ONLY: K6, yo, k to last 6 sts, yo, k6.  [79 sts]
Row 12: Size XL ONLY: K39, yo, k40.  [80 sts]
Row 13: Knit (knit any yo's through the back of the loop) 


Change color now if making foot different color than sole.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: (WS) P34(34,34,34,), PM, p9(10,11,12), PM, p34(34,34,34,).
Row 3: K27(27,27,27), ssk 2x, k3tog, k9(10,11,12), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k27(27,27,27). [69(70,71,72) sts)
Row 4: Purl

Row 5: K23(23,23,23), ssk 2x, k3tog, k9(10,11,12), sl-1, k2tog, psso, k2tog 2x, k23(23,23,23). [61(62,63,64)sts]
Row 6: Purl

Row 7: K35(36,37,38), ssk,turn. [60(61,62,63) sts] 
Row 8: Sl-1, p9(10,11,12), p2tog,turn. [59(60,61,62) sts] 
Row 9: Sl-1, k9(10,11,12), ssk, turn.[58(59,60,61) sts] 
Row 10: Sl-1, p9(10,11,12), p2tog, turn. [57(58,59,60) sts] 

Rows 11-26: Repeat rows 9 and 10. [41(42,43,44) sts] 
Row 27: (RS) Sl-1, k9(10,11,12), ssk, DON’T TURN, k14(14,14,14).  [40(41,42,43) sts] 
Row 28: P24(25,26,27), p2tog, p14(14,14,14). [39(40,41,42) sts] 
Row 29: Size S/M ONLY: (Removing markers as you come to them) Knit.  Now proceed to row 32.
Row 29: Size L/XL ONLY: (Removing markers as you come to them) Knit. 
Row 30: Size L/XL ONLY: Purl
Row 31: Size L/XL ONLY: Knit
Row 32: P1, p2tog, p2tog, p across to last 5 sts, p2tog, p2tog, p1. 
[35(36,37,38) sts]

Row 33: Knit

Row 34: Purl 

Rows 35-36: Rep rows 33 and 34 once more.



Row 37: Sizes S/L ONLY: [k1,p1] 8(-,8,-)x more, k2tog, p1, [k1,p1] to end.  [34(-,36,-) sts]

Row 37: Size M/XL ONLY: [k1, p1] to end.
Rows 38-45: Work 8 rows of 1x1 rib.

Bind off loosely.

Sew seam using single strand of matching color(s). I turn the slipper inside out and seam using a simple whipstitch. Take care to make your stitches small and close together for best results.

Weave in any loose ends.

Wear and enjoy!
P.S. I spray the bottoms with the spray version on Plasti-dip to make my soles non-skid. 


Anonymous said...

hi kris...thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern...they look so comfortable...i am anxious to begin and keep my toes warm...thank you, again..take care...sally

Anonymous said...

Thanks for generously sharing your creativity, hope to make some to donate :)

LaceLady said...

Thanks heaps for your creative and technical skills - and especially for your generosity in making this free! I knit lots of winter items for Hope House and Lighthouse Gospel Mission, and these will be just the ticket!

LaceLady said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful pattern! It is perfect, and just in time for winter knitting! Our Hope House and Lighthouse Gospel Mission just put out requests for men's slippers and slipper-socks! Bless you!

Mary said...

The men's pattern was posted just as I was going to try to figure it out on my own. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello - I am attempting this pattern and have hit a snag. I am wondering if you may be able to help me. Starting on Rows 7 through to 9 of the foot portion of the pattern there is a phrase that I am not familiar with. It seems to say L SEP. could you explain what this means please. Secondly in Row 7 am I right to understand that I knit 35 stitches, do an ssk and then turn to start row 8? Looking forward to your response. Many thanks!

kriskrafter said...

Hello, I am looking right at the pattern I posted for this and do not see anything that says "L SEP". I am not sure what you are seeing or where. There is nothing like that.

On Row 7, yes you would knit the number for your size, in your case 35, then ssk, then turn - thus leaving the rest of the stitches unworked and your next row will be on the purl side. This is called "short rowing".

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I have looked into this and it seems to be an issue with the only appears on line 7 - 8 before the word 'turn' and on line 9 after the word 'turn'. Perhaps others will have this issue. I appreciate your response, having fun with the pattern so far, it really comes together quickly. Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

ok so I just tested my hypotheses - the letters L SEP appear on these three lines using Chrome. Using Internet Explorer, these letters do not appear. Just an FYI :)