Sunday, January 19, 2014

Free Knit Pattern! 2-Needle Boot Toppers / Cuffs

I think boot toppers/cuffs are pretty darn cute.  They close the gap between the top of your boot and your pants that are tucked in (or leggings), and add an element of design.
I had never made any and decided to see if my daughter wanted a pair.  She did, so I whipped these out.  I have no adversity whatsoever to double point needles, but I know some folks do.  I wanted to write the easiest pattern I could just to tempt people to try it, so these are made on 2 regular needles.
For downloading or printing of this pattern, simply scroll down past the photos, the pattern is there.  *Special thanks to my Ravelry tester Karinamaza for letting me use her picture of the gray/blue toppers.  ☺
Here are my 2-needle boot toppers.....

Sizes: Sm(Med, Lg/XL) 

Sm = up to 13” calf width, Med = up to 14” calf width, Lg/Xl = up to 15” calf width. 


Worsted weight or Aran yarn 110(130,150) yds.
A few yards of waste yarn
1 set of U.S. size 8 (5mm) needles
1 extra needle either size 7 or 8 (for 3-needle bind off at the end.)


18 sts & 36 rows  = 4” in Garter st.


k = knit                                p = purl 
rep = repeat                          CO = cast on       
sts = stitches


3-needle bind off: 


To begin, first choose what length you would like your toppers to be.  Since you are working sideways the length will be determined by the amount of stitches you cast on.  28 sts will be 6.2” long.  33 sts will be 7.3 “ long.  38 sts will be 8.4” long.  *The toppers shown are 28 sts.

Using Waste yarn CO your chosen amount of sts. 
Still using waste yarn, knit one row, then purl one row.  OR You may use a provisional cast on method if you prefer something else.
Now join main color yarn.

1. (RS) Using Main Color: Knit
2. (WS) K4, *k1, p4, rep from* to last 4 sts, k4.
3. (RS) K4, *k3, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
4. (WS) K4, *k3, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
5. (RS) K4, *K1, p4, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
6. (WS) Knit
7. Rep rows 1-6  ten(eleven, twelve) times more – on the last rep of rows,
stop at row 5.
8. Now grab your other needle and pick up the original stitches being held by the waste yarn.     Remove waste yarn. 
9. Fold your knitting RIGHT sides together, Use 3-needle bind off method to bind off knitwise.

Cut yarn and weave in end.   Make second topper the same way.

 To download, or print this pattern click on this link: 


Anonymous said...

Another great pattern Kris. Thanks for sharing these cuffs.

KnitsPlus said...

Been looking for a boot topper pattern to try with some great leftover yarns. Thanks for the free pattern!